The Why & How Of Preparing Your Home For Winter

Now that we’re in November, winter is coming fast and hard in Calgary. That means it is time to start preparing your home for the cold months ahead, so you know you’re not going to have any issues. It is why so many homeowners look towards getting home services in Calgary to ensure their home is secure and ready for wintertime.  

But why do it? Is it worth it? And if you do it, what are the ways to get your home prepared for winter? All these questions are all answered below. 

Why You Should Prepare Your Home For Winter 

Make any repairs if necessary

Without question, there would be certain parts of your home that require repairs. It could be your furnace, your ducts, or your plumbing system. Before winter arrives is the ideal time to make any repairs to these parts of your home. Ignoring these repairs can lead to potentially more damaging problems down the line, costing you more money than if you just repaired it. Hire a Calgary home services company to help you with any repairs that you require. 

Check to see if you missed anything

As we mentioned above, letting any problems go can make them worse as winter goes on. In many cases, there could be problems in your home without you knowing about it. By getting maintenance, and if necessary, repairs, you are eliminating any potential and expensive home service repairs during the wintertime. 

Prepare parts of your home for winter 

There are certain parts and sections of your home which need to be winterized. We are talking about your furnace, your duct system, your plumbing, windows, and even your roof. It is best to get a professional to take a look over these parts of your home and winterized them, so you know you’ll have no issues in wintertime. 


How To Prepare Your Home For Winter 

There’s nothing worse than having to deal with a cracked window, damaged furnace or a burst pipe in the middle of winter. By taking these steps, you can prepare your home for the cold: 

  • Check your plumbing system
    Bring in a plumbing professional to double-check your plumbing system for any leaks or damages. Any issues will be magnified in the cold of winter, so make sure you hire a professional plumbing company in Calgary to check your system. 
  • Get your furnace professionally serviced
    A routine furnace maintenance check should always be done before the start of winter. Bringing in a professional furnace cleaning expert can help you check if your unit is ready for winter. They’ll make sure your furnace is running efficiently, as well as provide you with any furnace repairs if needed.
  • Inspect your windows and doors for leaks 
    There is always a chance that there could be a leak in your windows or doors, which means that you’re going to be expelling heat the whole time. You’re wasting energy and wasting money at the same time while being stuck in the cold. Check the weather-stripping around the frames, and replace where necessary.
  • Inspect your roof
    The last thing you want is to find that your roof leaks, especially in wintertime. Leaks can invite water, which can damage the interior of your home. Get roof repairs as soon as can to avoid any roofing problems. 
  • Clear your gutters
    While you’re checking your roof, get give your gutters a clearing out. Remove any such as leaves, dirt and sticks. Clogged gutters prevent the draining of rain and melting snow, which could result in household leaks. 
  • Turn off your outside faucets
    If you let water undrained in any of your pipes, it can freeze and will cause your pipes to burst. Disconnect the hoses and turn off your outside faucets. 

By taking these steps, you can prepare your home for winter. Don’t leave it before it is too late, as the last thing you want is to suffer major home problems in winter. Bring in a professional and ensure that your home is ready for wintertime – it will be well worth it for you.

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