The Cost to Replace an AC Compressor

The cost of replacing an air conditioner in Calgary is more than the cost of replacing the compressor alone. You may wish to know the value of each, but learning the price of a compressor should be your first choice. Like most complicated electrical equipment in your home, such as your furnace, your air conditioner has many replaceable parts. Replacing parts or performing maintenance is always more affordable than a complete replacement with a new model.

However, the cost of replacing an AC compressor varies depending on a few factors. These factors might include the type of Calgary air conditioner you possess, as well as the company that you hire to perform the work. Learning about each of these will help you make informed decisions and save you money.

AC Compressor Cost Factors

The Company

Choosing the right company to perform the work will be the best way to keep your costs down and your headaches to a minimum. For the best results, try and build a relationship with your chosen company. It might be hard during the first visit, but through repeat services and repairs, you will eventually develop a rapport. 

Air conditioner units VRV (HVAC), big fan and a water cooler on a roof of new industrial building with blue sky and clouds in the background.

This rapport can save you money and help you learn valuable information about your heating and cooling equipment. Not only is knowledge power, but it also allows you to learn about the equipment and make smart choices. For instance, a persistent clicking in your unit might be a simple fix that you can affect without having to call the repair company, or by purchasing a readily available part from a local hardware store.

The Unit

Almost all consumer products exist in a range of costs and features. Some units boast impressive amounts of features for the price but compromise in terms of quality or availability. In other circumstances, the cheapest option also has the fewest features. To use this information effectively, you will first have to learn what type of unit your air conditioner is, and then do some research. Learning about your unit is the best way to do your own repairs, and also give accurate and reliable information to the repair company.

The Cost of AC Compressor Replacement

Ultimately, the cost of an AC compressor replacement will include the repair company’s rates. The size of your compressor will also play a role in the loss, as discussed above. Generally, considering these two factors will give you a price range between $895 and $2,750. Typically, costs exceeding $1,500 will be for larger units and may not affect your personal air conditioning system. 

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