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Signs Winter has Damaged Your Plumbing System

Any number of issues can arise in your plumbing system from harsh winters. Plumbing companies in Calgary recommend you regularly inspect your pipes for just this reason. 

Start by walking along the visible plumbing lines in your house, checking for condensation or drips as you go. When looking at the transition of the plumbing stack between floors, see if there is any moisture build-up or soggy areas. These can all be signs that your plumbing may require repair, at which point you should contact a plumbing company in Calgary.

Next, you should inspect all of your taps and water exits. Forgot to bring that hose in from the summer? There’s a good chance the water has had time to freeze and contract in your plumbing fittings, and there may now be loose areas or uneven seals. If you happen upon this in the middle of winter, try and layout your hose in as straight a line as possible so that the water has a nice and easy path of travel when the warmer temperatures do arrive.

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Inside the home, take some cautionary sniffs around your faucets and sinks, looking for any trace of bad odors. This can indicate there are breaks in the plumbing line that may need to be addressed. If these odors are coming from your kitchen sink or garbage disposal there is a good chance some food or waste has become lodged, which may be an easier fix. 

Consult a plumbing company in Calgary

If you have noticed any of the signs mentioned above, or if you have a suspicion about something not mentioned on this list, it’s time to call some plumbing companies in Calgary. As long as you find one with sufficient experience and friendly staff, you should be able to have your fears put to rest. Or at least, they will advise you on the proper path to take which will reduce your bills and keep your home in good repair. 

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